Transport trolleys

17 July 2020

We would like to introduce you to our new transport trolleys for transparent and efficient cleaning of the shredding line and its detachable parts.

When disassembling a shredding line in order to clean it, the various parts are placed on the corresponding trolley. These parts are then easy to transport to a cleaning room. Many of the parts can be left on the trolley whilst they are being cleaned, to be installed in the shredding line again once they have dried. Cutting frames or other replacement parts that are not used during the production process remain safely on the trolley. Thus all parts are available in one place, clearly arranged.

The trolleys are suitable for use in high-care environments. The design takes into account the limited space between the machines in a production environment. The compact transport trolley design enables easy manoeuvring between the machines.

Four transport trolleys suffice to store and transport the components of a standard cheese shredding line. Trolleys are now also available for our BETA series machines for cutting bars.