1977     Establishment of GROBA
2000   Focus on international sales
2012    Acquisition of Hendriks Engineering & Machinery
2016    Relocation from Ittervoort to Nederweert
2017    40th anniversary
2020   Establishment of innolab
2022   45 years Cheese Processing Expert

Hands-Free Cheese Handling

GROBA offers an extensive range of high-quality machines for portioning, cutting, dividing, shredding, unpacking and derinding all kinds of cheese. These machines can be combined into a fully automatic cheese handling system. In short: Hands-Free Handling of your Cheese.

Solutions literally cut to size

GROBA supplies total solutions that help our customers all over the world process their cheese into high-quality end products. Cheese is a natural product which requires specific cutting methods. GROBA’s vast knowledge of cheese and technology, our engineers‘ experience, and our employees’ commitment enable us to fully configure your machine to your requirements, no matter how straightforward or intricate they are. GROBA has been the number one cheese processing specialist for more than 45 years.