Shredded cheese

The SIGMA series consists of several different machines for shredding soft, semi-hard and hard cheeses. They can joined together to form a shredding line, or they can be used separately, as stand-alone machines.

A GROBA cheese shredding line is an assembly of machines which together form a fully automatic shredding line. A standard GROBA cheese shredding line comprises the following machines:

Cheese cubing machine
Cuts whole cheeses or cutting rests into blocks ready for shredding.

Cheese shredding machine
Processes the pre-cut blocks into a shredded end product.

Powder dosing system
Doses a certain percentage of powder to prevent the shredded product from sticking further down the line or in the packaging.

Mixing drum
Ensures the optimum and homogeneous mixing of powder and the shredded cheese.

Conveyor belts
Connect the various machine units together and transport the products to the weighing and packing units.

Control system
Central control box with a touch panel to operate the entire shredding line.

Cable guide
For the cables between the machines and the control box.