Hands-Free derinding

17 July 2020

No more manual derinding of naturally matured cheeses thanks to Groba’s automated, hands-free derinding solutions.
Some months ago, GROBA commissioned a GROBA OMEGA 301 cheese derinding machine at a customer’s location. The GROBA OMEGA 301 is a machine for the fully automatic hands-free derinding of rectangular naturally matured cheeses of any age. These are Euroblock and Carron cheeses.

The machine features a state-of-the-art 3D scanning system and a robot with a special derinding tool. The scanning system makes a 3D recording of each cheese and the integrated robot uses this recording to ensure high-precision, wafer-thin and smooth derinding without damaging the cheese.

The modular design of the machine enables GROBA to translate your specific wishes into an efficient solution for the automatic derinding of cheeses in your production environment.

The GROBA OMEGA 301 is accurate, reliable, ergonomic, safe, hygienic and labour-saving.