30 November 2020

One of our customers was looking for a simple and accurate portion-cutting machine for cutting cheese and other soft products. Based on this customer demand, GROBA has come up with the KAPPA 200, a semi-automatic portion-cutting machine for slicing cheese bars or other elongated products. The machine has an ultrasonic knife. The use of an ultrasonic knife enables products to be cut neatly and at the accurate, desired portion weight, without any excessive sticking of the product to the knife. Another major advantage is that, since ultrasonic cutting requires less force, the product hardly deforms.

The products to be processed are placed in the machine by hand. A conveyor belt and a gripper move the products step by step. After each movement, the ultrasonic knife cuts off a slice of product. After being cut, the slices fall over and are transported out of the machine by a conveyor belt. The operator controls the machine by means of a touch panel. The control system has been designed to allow the user to work with recipes.